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Does First Shield Scans keep a copy of the scan?

NO!!!!!!!   Once the scan is turned over to the homeowner, they are advised to change the password for their account.  Once the password is changed they now have sole ownership of the scan.  


How long will a scan take?

A normal scan takes 1 hour per 1,500 sqft.  This can vary depending on the size residence.

How do I prepare for the scan?

Prepare the residence as you want it to be captured.  

What if I renovate a room?

No problem.  You can set up an appointment and we will re-scan the renovated room.  The re-scan generally takes 10-15 minutes to complete.  

What are Mattertags?

These are tags that are placed on an item (stove, refrigerator, furnace, flooring, walls, personal items, etc.)   Inside the tag, you can put any information you want about the item, owners manual, service contact person or even a picture or video.  

To save you time and money, First Shield Scans can teach you how to enter your own tags.


Furnace: You can put the owners manual, contact person, filter schedule                      etc.

Walls:  If you know the color combination you can put the information                            inside the tag.

Flooring:  You can  put what type of flooring and the date it was installed.

Do we scan inside a closet? 

This is the owner's choice.   We can scan with the closet closed.  During the Matter Tag process, we can place a tag on the closet and you can place a picture of  contents inside the tag.  First Shield Scan can teach you the process for adding tags.

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