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DAN P.  First Shield home scans are great!  Just finished one of our vacation properties and the detail is amazing.  Also, love the feature of cataloging items in closets!  This provides a detailed record for insurance purposes and also allows us to share it with prospective renters.  Plan on doing all our properties!

FATHER JOHN   When I tell people about First Shield Scans I can’t tell them enough because the only way anyone will understand my excitement about the work they do is by showing them. My church had its three properties scanned and immediately upon viewing the properties with such clear images from every possible angle, people are stunned. While the church’s beauty speaks for itself people are still taken aback by the quality of images even in our church hall kitchen. Then I tell people that this wasn’t a frivolous expense for the church, that this was an investment in our parish’s safety. I open up the “dollhouse view” and show them that the buildings’ schematics are laid out perfectly so that if a firefighter or police officer, who’d never been in any of our buildings, needed to quickly navigate to a particular area, they would be able to with great ease. I think it’s very important to have records of our buildings for first responders, insurance agencies, and for the public who may not be able to visit our facilities. Because I think it’s so important for my parish I show all my fellow clergymen these scans so that they can use First Shield Scans and have the same piece of mind that I have, knowing that I’ve done the best I can to protect my flock.

Working with John was very easy as he was flexible in his schedule and diligent in his work. After two days of working on our properties John noticed that something didn’t meet his standard of professional quality and came back to rescan just one spot of a room. While he was doing so, the technology noticed that some pieces of furniture had been moved since his last visit. This caused John to have to choose to either rescan the entire building or accept less than perfect quality in one tiny spot. Without thinking twice John rescanned the entire facility so that everything was perfect. I can’t recommend First Shield Scans enough; everything was done with the utmost professionalism and quality.

GEORGE M   I want to take this opportunity to commend you on the recent scan of my 3 level home.

I've been an insurance agent for many years and

By recommending an “inventory “ prior to a homeowner experiencing a loss by fire, windstorm or other hazard is extremely valuable to save time and money. I have made suggestions for this tool but extremely few have ever followed up on that suggestion !  Without such documentation

the claimant has little proof of the contents of their home, the age, the quality (make, brand, etc ) all of which can be documented

with the Matterport scan!

The scan is not only for insurance documentation. I especially like the  measuring ability of distances while away from the premises for window or carpeting needs, to name a few. 

It can also be used show your domicile to friends and family far away who have no way of observing your home first hand. I totally recommend this valuable tool and highly qualified staff! 

JOHN S  Working with First Shield Scans and John was truly a great experience.  I was appointed by my church to have all of the church properties scanned and documented.  This is a great way to document our interior structures and possessions for insurance and legal purposes.  John was very understanding and respectful of the church boundaries as to where he could and could not go.  He made every spot work for us.  He even came back after the scans were completed to rescan an area, because he didn't like the way an area turned out.  We received the scan in under a day and were impressed with the clarity and sharpness of the scan.  I would recommend First Shield Scans to anyone considering documentation of their church or personal home.

I was so impressed, I had First Shield Scans do our personal home.

LISA G  I’ve known John for over 40 years and you will not find a more genuine person.  My husband and I recently had our Deep Creek, MD home scanned by First Shield Scans. I couldn’t be more pleased with the job John did at our home.  He made the process so easy to understand. If anything would have happened at our home, there is no way we would have been able to remember all of the contents. Now it's all documented! We will be having him scan our home in Ocean City, MD soon.

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